Metro Medical Transport Inc.

Metro Medical Transport Inc. is fully licensed and equipped to offer non-emergency medical transport service. We have a wide variety of skills and capabilities, ensuring that we both meet your needs and deliver the quality care you're looking for. We are available for local and long distance, state-to-state transportation.

24-Hour Service

We ask the client to call with their request, as soon as they know of the upcoming event. They also need to specify if they require a wheelchair or stretcher. The scheduler will then schedule the client for pick-up on the day of transport, at least 30 to 45 minutes prior their scheduled appointment, depending on the distance needed to travel. We ask clients to be ready on arrival, as the driver is on a schedule. We also ask for punctuality, so we can provide the same quality service to everyone. If you are running late, the driver may not be able to wait or a wait time fee will be charged.

Insurances & Certificates:

Metro Medical Transport Inc. abides by the laws and requirements necessary to meet the policies and procedures expected by the State of Florida. We are fully insured on our vans and carry liability for both the inside and outside of the vans. Our vans are inspected by Sarasota County twice a year, so as to be allowed to transport in Sarasota. We transport out of all the local hospitals, as well as the Tampa Bay area and Venice. Our drivers are CPR certified and have had First Aid training, which we expect to be kept current. We also do full background checks and check for current driving records.

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Metro Medical Transport Inc.

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